Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oooohhmmmmm ... and other mutterings

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was going to preggie yoga ... I think I may have... but the class yesterday held a special surprise. Apparently the last class of the month is always spent on restorative yoga to promote relaxation and boosting the body's defence systems. This meant lots of long poses and meditations... or in layman's speak, lots of lovely lying about! My description really does not do it justice, it was WONDERFUL! Ohhhh bliss! I came out floating ... mmmmm!

On other matters... I'm a bit tired of hearing negatives about pregnancy and having children... "Life's over now" I get told.... paaah!! And if I say I'm a bit tired, I'm simply stating a fact... not bemoaning my existence... there is no need to to gloat that "there's plenty more of that to come".... piss off!! Don't you think I know that? Good lord... if it's so bad why did you keep having more after the first one!! I'm very aware that there will be a lot of hard work involved in bringing up a child but I also believe the rewards will far outweigh the trials. I might be busting for a pee, bloated, constipated, tired, achey, etc at times but I'm not complaining for goodness sake! There are also time when I feel fantastic, full of energy and glowing.... why look at me sceptically as if to say "enjoy it while it lasts".... if you don't want to hear it, don't ask!! If you've nothing constructive to offer keep you lips zipped!! Sheeesh!! .... Ooohhhmmmm....

The other morning I was dozing, having hit the snooze button and waiting for the alarm to go off again. Lovely... all snuggled in with Tom... and then he said...
"Did you fart?"
"What? Nooo!"
"Well did you tummy rumble?"
"Noooo? Why?"
"Something's moving in there!!"

Hahaaa!! I got news for you Tommy!


Middle Child said...

As I said I loved being pregnant...and I loved being a mum...I love my kids and would never have bemoaned my state...things said thats just stating a fact...not a complaint

Lindy said...

When I was having my babies, the streets were lined with clotheslines filled with nappies that had been washed in the twin tub, but oh my, it was a magical time, and yes, of course it's bloody hard work, but the rewards are just so awesome.

People will always have opinions about bringing up babies, and they will all have advice and opinions, but it's like anything else, it's a learning experience, each baby has it's own timetable, each parent takes to it in their own way, but all in all, it's an experience that is a privilege.

Enjoy the moments.

Janene said...

Thanks!! I'm not letting it bother me... just having a wee vent... and was STARVING at the time of writing which makes me somewhat ... er... short-tempered these days (or so my beloved told me... very carefully... after I'd eaten... LOL)