Saturday, August 15, 2009


... at the moment it seems I cannot stop thinking about bellydance.... in particular the next costume (or two, or three) that I'll make. I've been waking up at ungodly hours planning what colour, how much fringing, beading, embroidery... it's bloody exhausting!! And the frustrating thing is that I have no intention of making any costumes for quite some time. I have my patchwork quilt that I'm determined to finish before I embark on any new projects... crikey! Where has this come from?
Mind you... it's not the only thing that wakes me up... Prams... or buggies... whatever you want to call them. I've been researching the options and trying to sift through all the information and recommendations to figure out what we should be looking to get... I've had Fantasia style dreams where instead of the brooms there are thousands and thousands of various styles and brands of prams... I have always had pretty vivid dreams but lately my happy hormones are really making for some really psychedelic and weird experiences!!

Today I went to my first yoga class. Wow!! It's a class specifically for pregnancy and was absolutely fantastic. This must become a regular thing for me... I felt soooooo good at the end. In fact I was feeling so mellow that when I got outside to discover the car wouldn't start... I'd left the lights on... the battery was flat... ... ... it wasn't a problem maaaan! Heh! Most of my class mates had left already so I phoned AA and sat in the drivers seat snoozing, soaking up the sun streaming through the windscreen and basking in the lovely tingly afterglow from the class! I can only hope that it will help me deal with labour in such a relaxed way... time will tell!

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