Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bits and pieces... ups and downs...

Well... I've had an interesting day pottering about the place. A few loads of washing had been done and I've really just been dicking about... clearing out paper work... doing dishes... nothing very exciting. ..
I also hooked up my cassette player to the computer and have been trying to sort through a pile of tapes to see what needs to be digitised and preserved. Some of the cassettes are just music recordings but there are a few very precious memories there too... recordings of myself and my brothers and sister singing, telling jokes and reciting nursery rhymes... heh!! That's a bit of a giggle!
There's also songs my grandparents have recorded of the TV... yes... they used to stick the tape recorder next to the telly to record the various songs and performances from TV shows of the day!
There are clips of my grandparents singing... with us and with their nieces and nephews... my Grandfather belting out a version of 'Call of the Bellbird' that reduced me to tears with memories.
And... my absolute favourite... a recording of my grandfather telling me his version of 'The Hobbyards' ... I absolutely loved this story as a kid, most probably the reason my grandfather taped it as I would ask for him to tell it over and over again... in fact there is a conversation about this also captured on the tape as he finishes the story...

Grandfather: There... how was that then?
Me: Can you tell it again?
Grandfather: You want to hear it again?! But you've just heard it twice!
Me: No....... I've only heard it two times!

LOL!! There's still a few more tapes to go through and figure out what is on them but I think I've probably found most of the gems!! It's a good feeling to get these done before the tapes degrade with time.

So now it's nearly time to put some dinner in the oven and settle in with my patchwork to watch the fishing shows!!

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