Saturday, January 16, 2010

11:29 10-1-2010

Terri Jennifer
arrived via emergency c-section.

We did it!!
We are all absolutely delighted. I'm back home now and concentrating on settling in and healing so it may be a while between posts but I'll try to pop in as much as possible!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Any time now...

We've been kind of in limbo since Christmas waiting for this wee one to decide to make it's entrance into this world... we haven't put life on complete hold but have been a bit limited in how far we can venture from home. Days have been consisting of trips to the park and beach and the odd bit of shopping around house chores.
However if baby doesn't hurry along soon then matters will be taken out of it's hands. I'm meant to be going into the hospital about 7pm to get induction under way. I'm getting quite a few "tightening" sensations that seem to get stronger as the day goes on but I don't think they class as contractions so we shall just have to wait and see what happens. We'll take Libby for a walk to the park in a couple of hours so maybe I'll have a crack at the flying fox to see if that helps... LOL!

Libby has been very patient waiting to meet her new sibling ... although she raced in on New Years Day to wake us up with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for baby. I guess she took us quite literally when we told here baby would arrive in the new year! She has been in early nearly every morning since to see if baby arrived while she was sleeping and has been taking big sister duties very seriously, helping out around the house.
Here's our wee mother hen helping the midwife listen to baby's heartbeat...
Will update you all with baby news as soon as I can!!