Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm soooo loving this!!

As excited as I am to meet our new family member face-to-face I have to admit that now that there's only about 3 weeks to go, I'm kind of reluctant to give up my preggy status.
I have enjoyed pretty much every moment of this pregnancy, especially once we were through the first 12 weeks and fairly certain that baby was well ensconced in my tum. It has all been such a wonderful and truly amazing adventure, and even more so now that I'm getting such vigorous movements, kicks, thrusts, turns and hiccups in there... a wee person practising its moves and breathing right here inside me - it blows my mind!! I feel so privileged to be part of something so awesome!
I have been extremely lucky having such a smooth ride with my pregnancy. No major morning sickness really - a bit of queasiness early on but nothing too gross. I've had aches and pains that are to be expected from a body becoming stretched to capacity. Starting to get a bit of pubic symphysis ... er... discomfort... in the last couple of weeks so that has given me a bit of a preggy shuffle as I try to keep my knees together to avoid it progressing to something more painful. The last few days has seen my feet swelling a whole lot more and I've noticed my right hip and thigh getting quite numb if I go for a walk around the shops in my lunch breaks or stand too long.... perhaps baby has dropped as I suddenly seem to have more lung capacity!
Thankfully I've been getting some pretty good sleep despite having to get up every couple of hours for the loo. Have started having some very full on dreams about the birth (which I can never remember detail about once I've woken) and breastfeeding the last couple of nights... I hope that isn't Bub's way of warning me about an early arrival!
So I am really grateful to have had such a cruisy pregnancy and like I say I've enjoyed every moment of it!
It will be a bit weird to lose the bump and gain a bundle ... but that will be a whole new adventure!

(me - kicking back at our work Christmas party - harbour cruising)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Downhill slide...

... has it been that long since I posted last? Where is the time going?

Not long now... 14 working days... yes I'm counting!! Until we wind up work for Christmas... and then I'm on maternity leave!

I'm in my 34th week now and have been told that (due to being a "geriatric" mum) I'll be induced if baby hasn't arrived by about 8-9 January... hopefully it won't come to that, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see... but to think that in just 5 weeks time the bundle will be in my arms and no longer in my belly.... crikey!!
I'm getting a lot of action these days... it's surreal to think that all that wriggling in my belly is a whole new person! I'm getting very excited at the prospect of meeting this little one face to face.

My energy levels have swings and roundabouts but as the weather heats up I'm finding I tire a whole lot quicker. Whilst I might start a task with a hiss and a roar and loads of energy I seem to need a little lie down a lot more often than anticipated. Consequently there are a number of unfinished taks on the go at the moment but mostly trying to get a semblence of order for all the clothes and baby gear I'm accumulating - especially since my baby shower!

In spite of this I'm having a wonderful time being pregnant, even now that belly is starting to weigh me down and get in the way a lot! I feel as though I have a constant smile on my dial as I go about my day silently communing with this new life inside me... my own delicious secret... except the size of the bump means it is by no means a secret these days!