Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Secret Santa...

...and the secret is there is no Santa! At least there was no Santa to be seen at our secret Santa gift swap today.... there was however a fairy!!

I betcha she was sweltering under all that hair!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!

What a wonderful day!! And one of the best gifts I could ever have is waking up this morning with my Tommy.... aaaaaaw!! I love ya babe!!

I feel very blessed today.

I am still basking in the afterglow of a fabulous weekend on Great Barrier Island where we soaked up the magic of the place and had a wonderful time! Just being there is special enough but there were a number of events that made it an extra special weekend. Our flight over was in a wee 6 seater which was awesome! As we flew over the island we got our first glimpse of the new driveway below us!!
On Saturday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast then went down to the Claris Club to see the local Market Day and Santa Parade.
After a luxurious nap early afternoon we headed over to Pah Beach where we enjoyed a fantastic evening at The Currach where they were holding a local Singer/Songwriter Competition. An amazing evening with some great music, great company and special guest judge Dave Dobbyn (who also seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself and treated us to a few performances of his own)! Wow, words can't do the night justice!

And... my very early birthday present from Tom came into it's own... On Sunday I went on my first couple of dives since my course and thoroughly enjoyed myself!! Look for yourself!!

Today has been very low key at work, not many people have realised it is my birthday so my feet are fairly well planted on the ground. I met with my very good friend Michelle at 2:00 and enjoyed a very nice lunch. This made me feel a wee bit sleepy for the rest of the afternoon... or maybe I'd become too accustomed to an afternoon nap on the Barrier!!

From here on in work became progressively worse... things I was looking into became increasingly problematic and I was pleased when it was time to leave for the day!!

Then it was home to field calls from my family wishing me a Happy Day before going to Quiz Night. This included talking to my wee 2 yr old niece on speaker phone... this was extremely confusing for her because although she could hear Aunty Neen, she couldn't see me.... it was all resolved once we were talking without speaker phone... a much easier concept to deal with!

then of course... QUIZ!! Happy happy... at the end of the evening and a very quick play off... (the answer being Dick Turpin) we ended up in 3rd place.... yeah baby!

How much better can a birthday get?