Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My new addiction...

Hello my name is Janene and I've been spending too much time playing "Pirates" on facebook... Oooh aaarrrr!
Aside from that I've (finally) been playing around with Adobe Elements, which we got at Christmas. All my videos to date have been pulled through Windows Movie Maker but I wanted to branch out a bit more ... Elements has soooo much more to play about with! You can see my first wee production over on our "family blog". I have even scrathed to surface of the available features yet but will work on it as I get time.
Aside from that we've been busy back and forth to the Island. Just had a lovely weekend over there with friends - their first visit to GBI.
Much busy-ness at work and the new term of bellydance classes has started... all keeping me out of trouble... mostly... heh!
So this is a short post ... more to come soon... fingers crossed!


Middle Child said...

will have a look at the "family blog" should be worth a look

Middle Child said...

You still about...long time since we heard from you. I hope alls well with you.

Middle Child said...

Are you still hereabouts???