Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cry me a river...

... I've had a fabulous weekend. Really, I have.
So why is it... that peering out the corner of the window from the back seat of the plane as we were pulling up into the air... and seeing my man, little more than a speck on the ground, waving his arm in the air... has me bawling my eyes out?
Gah!! I'm glad we didn't stop at the bottle store for a couple of ice cold G&T premixes... something w do occasionally on hot days, waiting at the airport... I'm weepy enough without it.... Sheeesh... tears rolling down my face as I type!! Overly emotional no??
I guess that despite being over on the island for the weekend, I miss him madly. Tom's kayaking mates were there so whilst there was lots of fun to be had, we didn't really get any "us" time.
I've already booked myself flights over for next weekend... to hell with the housework!!


Jules said...

I must be in a similar pre menstrual mood, I keep blubbering at the news and even little funny yarns with the three year old have me in emotional turmoil.

Thanks for your absolutely lovely and heart felt comment.
I must admit I don't think I'v been to your blog because every time I see a comment I think it's from another Janene. This time I decided to link through your name and lo and behold, you're someone completely different. Great to have you reading, I love blogging, it's my diary that talks back.

Middle Child said...

S' sane woman on earth would not know how you feel...go with it ...okily dokily...