Monday, August 23, 2010

800 nappies...

…Give or take, that’s how many cloth nappy changes we’ve done here. I only know this because of the number of nappy liner rolls we’ve been through. 800 nappies changed, washed and folded. I never dreamt just how easy it would be!
I think some people thought I was a little nuts when I told them I was planning on using cloth nappies and to be honest I had concerns of my own about being able to keep up a cyclical routine of getting them washed ready for the next wearing. I had visions of soak buckets and nappies hanging from the curtain rails on rainy day. All based on my little girl memories of the nappies Mum used for my younger siblings… oh how nappies have changed since then… thank goodness!
Going cloth was a bit of a no-brainer for me. I just couldn’t bear the thought of using disposables full time. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not totally anti-disposable and we certainly use them on occasion. In fact the couple of months we spent on the Island back in March-May that is all we used… a couple hundred or so… I didn’t like it very much but we don’t have a washing machine over there and it just wasn’t practical to be down at the Laundromat every couple of days, queuing for a spot and waiting around. Spending half our time doing the washing would have completely negated us being over there! If I’m going away for a couple of days I’ll take disposables so I don’t have to cart the nappy bucket with us… I’ll admit it is very convenient… but while we’re at home … nah, it’s cloth for us!!
I wash every couple of days, whenever the bucket is full and have e enough nappies to go about 4 days before we run out but that never happens. There’s no soaking, I keep a dry bucket for all the used nappies and wash when it’s full. I peg them out on a small airing rack that is the perfect size for one load. This will dry indoors in about 24 hours under the heat pump if the weather is crap but as much as possible I dry them out in the fresh air… whipping the whole rack indoors if it starts raining. And I especially love taking all the fresh nappies in and getting them all folded ready for the next wearing…. Mmmmmm-mmm… the smell of clean nappies!!
I have never regretted the decision and would recommend them to anyone… for anyone that still thinks it’s too much work… here’s a pic of two days worth of nappies out drying….
... whoops... not there's not!! I can't seem to get a picture in here for some reason! Will add later if I can :)

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Middle Child said...

we all used to use cloth and no one died from it or from the washing - I am dismayed when i see young so called environmentally aware parents lobbing out of the supermarket with tonnes of plastic shit that should never be up against a baby's delicate skin - no one ever dioed from washing nappies and its better for the baby - a little olive oil in the bath water is always a big help and to massage into their little bottoms - it helps avoid nappie rash