Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Downhill slide...

... has it been that long since I posted last? Where is the time going?

Not long now... 14 working days... yes I'm counting!! Until we wind up work for Christmas... and then I'm on maternity leave!

I'm in my 34th week now and have been told that (due to being a "geriatric" mum) I'll be induced if baby hasn't arrived by about 8-9 January... hopefully it won't come to that, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see... but to think that in just 5 weeks time the bundle will be in my arms and no longer in my belly.... crikey!!
I'm getting a lot of action these days... it's surreal to think that all that wriggling in my belly is a whole new person! I'm getting very excited at the prospect of meeting this little one face to face.

My energy levels have swings and roundabouts but as the weather heats up I'm finding I tire a whole lot quicker. Whilst I might start a task with a hiss and a roar and loads of energy I seem to need a little lie down a lot more often than anticipated. Consequently there are a number of unfinished taks on the go at the moment but mostly trying to get a semblence of order for all the clothes and baby gear I'm accumulating - especially since my baby shower!

In spite of this I'm having a wonderful time being pregnant, even now that belly is starting to weigh me down and get in the way a lot! I feel as though I have a constant smile on my dial as I go about my day silently communing with this new life inside me... my own delicious secret... except the size of the bump means it is by no means a secret these days!


Lynda said...

How gorgeous! It is such an amazing, exciting time having a baby. Just enjoy every moment and even the pain - it's all part of the fun!!

Good luck for a wonderful, easy delivery. My daughter was Christmas day so I can empathise with being pregnant at this time of year.

Lindy said...

Hi there, I'm not a blogger myself, but I have been following you via a friends blog, and I have posted on your blog, but really, what I'm trying to say is that I wish you all the very best for your forthcoming big event, and hope that you and baby come through this miraculous process well and happy.

It is still the great mystery, how it all happens...the birth...and with Christmas almost upon us, it is a time of miracles and blessings.

All the very best to you, your partner and your baby.


Middle Child said...

34th week...not so long please when it happens

I still remember the wriggling...sometimes a little foot would appear up under my ribs or stomach...and if i gently put my hand there for a little while the foot would move away...a sort of communication...and it left mw feeling wonderous...she is 35 now