Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Show time

So it went really well!

Luckily we had a rehearsal in the morning as one of the girls observing told me that I had a bit of a problem with my costume. Despite feeling very secure in my bra apparently from an audience perspective it looked as though I was ... er ... about to fall out of it at any moment! Oh dear... the last thing I want is for the audience to be nervously waiting for a costume disaster to unfold!

After rehearsal I made a few adjustments to the bra so I would be more suspended and not the audience!

We had to meet over at the theatre a couple of hours before the show to have a run through on the stage. After that a few of us wandered to a nearby Thai restaurant and had an entree each.

It was bitterly cold outside ad we were frozen by the time we got back to the theatre. The last thing I felt like doing was changing into my costume... brrrr!

There was nothing for it though... I couldn't put it off any longer so I changed into my costume bra and threw my cardigan back on over top to stay warm while I fixed my makeup and got the rest of my kit on.

By this stage with all the bodies in the dressing rooms we were warming up a bit. We all took turns at having our photos taken and it was about then that one of the others pulled me aside...

"You've got black stuff under your arms!!"


I looked at my armpits... black fluff every where... what the?? Ah... it was fluff from my cardigan that had stuck to my deodorant! Ha!! Lucky it was spotted before I went on stage! Still it was good for a laugh, a few of the others were wearing wigs or hairpieces... why not fake armpit hair, I reasoned!

Finally it was our turn to perform. We had a blast. The piece we performed was a mix of group choreography and individual solos and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.... once again though it was over far too quickly. I have seen some fantastic photos of our performance but as yet don't have copies so you will just have to be content with these ones taken backstage...

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